What is the best way to prepare for PTE (Pearson Test in English)?

This question is very important for those who have just started preparing PTE.  First of all, you need to understand your level of English language which includes speaking and writing.  It is very important to watch English Movies and read the newspaper if you are an average student.  Moreover, it has been observed that students face problems in PTE reading section because of their low academic vocabulary.   It is highly recommended to study the list of academic vocabulary available free of cost online.

Once you have identified your level of understanding the English language, and then the second step is to start working on your weak areas.  Again the question arises …..How? How to start and where to start?

If your vocabulary is not up to the mark or if you are lacking in English Grammar, get an English grammar book and start working on your weak areas.  It has also been observed that many students face problems with the pronunciation of words. So, there are many free apps available online where you can practice free of cost and improve your pronunciation. Because of poor pronunciation during the exam can damage your speaking score. It is recommended to practice daily at-least 10 Read Aloud. The best Tip to practice Read Aloud is to speak naturally and open your mouth while reading.

If you have improved all your weak areas, then start preparing for actual exam test. There are 3 books which are available in the market for the PTE Preparation.

  1. PTE Academic Practice Test Plus with key
  2. PTE Academic Expert
  3. PTE Academic Test builder

Start practicing with PTE Academic Practice book which has 4 tests of each module. Once you have completed all the sections then practice PTE software which is in the CD. Practice as much as you can until you understand each question pattern and how the question has been asked.

PTE Academic Test builder is considered to be the toughest book as per many students. So, practice all the sections and learn the academic vocabulary.

Moreover, there is a number of online content available for the practice. You can find a number of YouTube channels which provides free practice material. The best material you can find on V2language-pte preparation. They have covered maximum videos and a free online website www.trypte.com

The most important thing that every student needs to understand is Tips and Tricks to crack each section. Every section has different tips that each student has to keep in mind before appearing in your real examination.


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