How to Speak English language fluently in a short period?

What is Fluency? What is the definition of fluency? Fluency means the ability to speak any language without any problem, using correct grammar and punctuation.  Another important thing is awareness of idioms. Idioms are a group of words whose actual meaning is different from the literal meaning. So, Fluency means knowing of words and place them with ease and comfort.

Now another question arises- How to get the Fluency? Fluency cannot come in a day or two. Fluency comes with regular practice. You cannot think if you study tonight and tomorrow morning you will speak fluently, this will not happen. Reading is important to get to know about new words or to increase your vocabulary but speaking is important to get fluent in English. So, practice is very important. More you practice, more you will get confidence and then you will be able to speak without any hesitation. Therefore, we can say that Reading and speaking, both are important for speaking fluent English.

Let’s discuss basic things which help to speak English fluently.

 Start thinking in English

 It is very important you should start thinking in the English language. Don’t try to translate your opinion from your mother tongue (Native language) to English. Because when you start thinking in English will help you to become more fluent in speaking English and this language will be incorporated within yourself. It is one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary with words that you will use in your daily conversations. Overall, start practicing it in your daily life.

  1. Reading

 Reading is also very important to speak English fluently. It helps to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Read books and novels.  With reading, you will get information about different topics like your society, health, and education etc. While reading, underline the words which you are not familiar with and get the meaning of the words and start using those in your daily life. Remember! during reading, concentrate on the pronunciation of the words as this will help in the improving your fluency. Reading will also help you to improve your writing skill along with the speaking skill.

  1. Videos

Start watching movies or videos with English subtitles. This will help to read them or to understand the conversation while you are watching English movies. If you didn’t understand the meaning, replay that scene of the movie. Watching English movies or videos is the best way to get used to listen to English.  With listening, you will get to know the pronunciation of many unfamiliar words and about idioms.

  1. Record your voice

 Another important thing that most of the people don’t realize is -recording your own voice. At the end of the day, just recall what you did and record your own voice which helps to identify your mistakes like how you pronounce each word while speaking. Slowly and gradually you will feel more confident and when you speak in public, you will not feel embarrassing.

Above given points will definitely help you. So, start implementing in your daily routine.

Some immediate steps, you can apply to speak English fluently:-

  1. Start watching English movies.
  2. Start reading English newspaper and books or novels.
  3. Start speaking in English with your family members.
  4. Start making notes of idioms and colloquialisms.
  5. Listen to the other people and try to observe how they pronounce the words exactly.


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