Exam memories

Date: 25th November 2018

Center: Elante office, Chandigarh

Read Aloud:-

Akimbo and easy one’s

Repeat Sentence:-

2 and 3 were long one’s rest all were small and easy from V2lagauge

Describe image:-

Pencil Description, Line bar graphs and world Map

Retell lecture:-

Visual description and first Robot

Answer Short Question:-

Repeated from V2lagauge

Summarize Written Text:-

New teachers failing to integrate lesson plans with new technology and one is on MIT projects


Experience is the more effective way to teach, compared to the books? Agree or disagree?

Summarize Spoken Text:-

  1. Urbanisation / Farmer / Agriculture
  2. Books of children
  3. Don’t remember

Reading Fill in the Blanks:-

  1. LAM I am cyclist

36) 4 blanks [LAM][VERSION 2] -> Researchers already

  1. Everybody needs fresh water. WITHOUT water people

Write From Dictation:-

Most of the students have not considered this issue before.

Other two are essay to wirte but not repeated.


Listening MCQ Multiple Answer:-

  1. She was greek
  2. She was the wife of ptolemy.

Date: 25th November 2018

Delhi Center

Exam Memories:

Read Aloud:-

All were easy one’s

Repeat Sentence:-

All the repeat Sentence were from V2 language

Describe Image:-

More were bar Graphs and Maps


Essay on medical technology

Summarize Written Text:-

  1. Voting machine
  2. Children’s offered with gifts


Re-Order Paragraphs:-

1.Engineers green technologies

  1. German scientist

Fib drop down:-

Hotel & Robots

Sales jobs

British UK students challenges

Drag & drop:-


Credit cards

Multiple choice multiple answer:-

Weed eradication

Postgraduate research


Multiple choice multiple answer:-

paraplegic motor bike

Top 5 index

Highlight Correct Summary:-

nuclear power all from v2language


All the questions are from V2language –PTE Preparation YouTube Channel. So, Practice hard from this channel as they have covered maximum content related to PTE Academic.


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