Best conversational techniques to speak English language?

Now you must be thinking it is impossible? Most of the people find difficulty in speaking a different language other than their mother tongue. Now why people face difficulty in speaking another language? The simple answer is that they are not used to speak another language. They find difficulty as they are not able to find correct words to express themselves what they are trying to say.  Now the question arises why people feel difficulty in finding correct words to express themselves? It is because most of the people think in their mother tongue (like Hindi, Punjabi etc.) So, the best solution for this, one has to think in English and start speaking with correct word choice and grammar.  Let me explain the fundamentals principles and common mistakes that you need to avoid. Learning the English language involves Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing.

There are four essential components to learn English.

  1. Phonetics Awareness

Phonetics is related to sound, which means a systematic organization of sounds in the English language. The English language has 41 phonemes which are a combination of words and syllables. It is a method of teaching people to recognize different sounds. There are a number of video’s available online

  1. Reading Capability

Reading fluency is very important, basically, it is a capability to read and speak continuously.  Which also means not looking at each word and finding difficulty figuring out the correct pronunciation of the words? It should be proper and accurate.

  1. Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary is the main body of the English language. It also means deep knowledge of English words and their meaning and pronunciation.  It is very important to develop your academic word list with meaning and pronunciation.  Yes, that’s true you cannot remember all the words in one day. It’s is recommended you should learn at least 10 words and try to use those words in your daily speaking. There is around 3000 academic word list. Practice daily until you are perfect, yes it is a slow process.

  1. Oral Speaking Skills

Oral skills mean how you speak English fluently. But to speak English fluently you require confidence which further needs the use of correct grammar and correct pronunciation of words. It is very important you should start speaking only in English with your friends and family. Try to watch English movie channels and get into the habit of speaking only in the English language. So, these are the essential things which are required for oral speaking skills.


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